Citizen Tleilax

About “Letters”

Letters are effective means of providing feedback about things–without hearing from people, those who are taking actions have little basis for determining whether those actions are generally approved or disapproved of. If a decision-maker takes an approach that is negative, but hears no complaints from anyone, they will feel confident in continuing down that path. Conversely, if they take a risk to do something particularly positive and receive no praise, they may back down or discontinue such actions in the future. Therefore I make it a habit to express my views on matters I am concerned with.

For example, when a company uses a harmful ingredient in a potentially good product, I write them a letter to let them know that this prevents me from buying it. If a newspaper publishes an article expressing a particular viewpoint I feel strongly about, I write my thoughts to the author of the article and the editor of the newspaper. And so on.

I feel that this is a very important aspect of being a citizen in a democracy, as well as part of being a responsible “consumer”, as they like to refer to us. People need to feel support or opposition if they are doing things that have a wide range of effect. Thus, the “Letters” category contains various letters I have written in order to ensure that my opinion is counted.

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