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NY Times Exposes Egregious Corporate Waste, Sabotaging Dumpster Diving

On January 5th, 2010, Jim Dwyer published an article in the NY Times exposing how H&M Clothing destroys and discards large amounts of useful items. As I am completely against corporations sabotaging their useful trash, and completely supportive of people dumpster diving for useful trash, I was very happy to see an article exposing this egregious offense and wrote a letter to Dwyer with a CC to the editor of the NY Times:

I would like to thank you for writing an article exposing H & M’s irresponsible and completely insensitive actions. This is far too common of a practice for corporations all over the country, and the amount of waste that is generated from perfectly usable items of all sorts is utterly disgusting. That usable items are regularly disfigured and trashed is an insult to the communities they are supposedly a part of, and a slap in the face to those who can’t afford to patronize the company. Such actions show that ultimately they’d rather let people freeze to death than see them get a useful, discarded item for free from a dumpster. That is far too cold-hearted a practice to tolerate if we are to be a “civilized” society, and I believe your article sends this message.

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I concur. Too many shady corporate practices go on in this country. I’m down with the conservation and preservation of our Earth’s natural resources.

Comment by kristoffer powersz

I agree, too! Totally shameful.

Comment by Kirsten

I never liked H & M, they always seemed to radiate evil vibes to me.


Comment by [tlr]

walmart also does the same thing, btw. but everyone knows walmart is evil.


Comment by [tlr]

Unfortunately just about every corporation there is does the same thing, though some do have donation programs in place. How much of the total actually makes it there is up to speculation. Target, CVS, all sorts of grocery stores, Costco–you name it, they’re wasting perfect products. Many have trash compactors to destroy their waste for them.

Comment by citizentleilax

Having worked retail. I have seen perfectly good returns just tossed into a trash compactor instead of being re-used. It’s rather sad.

Comment by xanaxjunkee

I wholeheartedly agree! I love recycling reusing and recreating used clothing. This is just as messed up as the practice of “sell by dates” and throwing out perfectly good food and refusing to give the food to starving people…all for profit. This made me think you may enjoying one of my other favorite blogs:

Comment by Aimee Webb

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