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Is Your Position Intellectual or Emotional and Egotistical?

One of the fundamental aspects about an intellectual position is that it is always open to improvement and modification when new, relevant information comes along. It is never completely closed off because it inherently seeks to be constructed out of the most effective pieces of data available. A position may be strong and well-developed, but it would be difficult to ever consider it “complete” because it is unknown when previously unconsidered information may be presented.

When people take their positions personally, their attitude ceases to be intellectual and they become blocked off from learning when the opportunity presents itself to them. Because they have now invested emotional and egotistical energy into the position, they find it too difficult to face challenges without perceiving them like personal attacks on their own character. The position becomes too interwoven with their individual identity to continue viewing it objectively–thus the position is “complete”, because any modification to it would consequently cause emotional stress, and incoming challenges are thenceforth treated as negative and threatening. Under these circumstances, not only are challenges difficult to face without becoming heated, it becomes much more difficult for an individual to accept that they may hold an incorrect view on something. The occurrence of a view being incorrect is raised to the much more potent feeling that they as a person are incorrect. Thus they may reject relevant information, even when it is clearly presented to them–essentially they behave in a manner exactly opposite to the behavior involved in holding an intellectual position, and focus on limiting rather than improving themselves.

There is nothing bad about being incorrect at any given point, as long as one makes an authentic effort to hold correct views; therefore there should be no embarrassment in being effectively exposed as wrong. Being wrong and moving on is far superior to attempting to save face while attaching oneself to a lesser position in order to do so–not to mention this behavior is relatively easy to observe, so face is not saved regardless; it is in fact further damaged. One should be grateful for the opportunity to be shown exactly how one is incorrect, for it will help improve their understanding and increase the efficiency of their operations. Every flawed position that is corrected helps not only the individual, but by extension has a positive influence on everybody the individual interacts with from then on, since every interaction influenced by an improved position will be coming from a more advanced level of conceptual development. All this being the case, I encourage everyone to be honest with themselves about whether the positions they are holding are informed more by a desire to learn, or or an emotional resistance to being challenged and a fear of being proven incorrect. It is by nature the sort of difference that frequently cannot be hidden, as whether one reacts emotionally or intellectually to a legitimate challenge is often clear to all observers.

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My views on things can change all the time. If someone holds a gun to my head, I’m going to take their view like it was etched in stone and handed to me by some ( fill in your own higher being here) until they go away. Then, I’m going to find myself a bigger gun so that doesn’t happen again, lol.
I always have a gut feeling on how things should be, so I’m assuming that would be emotional. That is fine, because I can be highly emotional anyway. I try real hard not to have views based on ego, but I do have one. Based on what, I’m not sure, but I do have one.
When conservatives try to debate me, I’m just not interested in having the conversation, because I’m not interested. That is ego and emotional, and me just being lazy. I can have a more interesting conversation with the floor than with them. Most conservatives I have talked to, come off like bullies, and I don’t like bullies. If they are religious on top of it, they have hit a wall with me and I’m going to walk away. That may not be the most intellectual thing to do, but then again, I’m not one by a long shot.


Comment by monkbucket

There are times when it’s clear having a discussion with someone will be pointless, so perhaps it’s the more intellectual choice to save your energy for something else ;)

Also I think it’s natural to feel strongly or emotional about the positions you hold, I certainly do about some things. It’s only a problem when they become attached to a position itself, instead being purely a result of the *implications* of the position and what it means in the real world.

Comment by citizentleilax

WOW some food for thought right there Benni. Thanks for writing.

This is so amazing and such valuable truth…. sometimes we people need it drilled into out heads over & over but our hearts, emotions & whatever hold us back just enough, we lose view of logic.

but Sometimes it’s hard to be honest with ourselves because then we’d have to face the ugly truth and then we have to get brave.

This article pertains to so many right now in this challenging, iffy confusing & shifty mercury retroGRADE.

Very valuable points made here – thanks :)


█[ ̌̚̕ ̍͒͏* _` ̍͒͏*]▼
G̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋̋ ̅̅̃̄̅̂̂̈̄̀̀̀̀̆̄̂́́̀̄̀̂̂̂̈̈̃́̂̆̂̀̆̀̃́̆̀̂̀̀̈̆́̀̀̂̄̃́̂̂̀̋̀̂̃̂̇̃̌̊̆̃́̅̃̀̉̈̌̅̃̀̅́̄̀̂̌̀́́̃̅̃̂ ́̀́̂̅̊̅̀̂̂̃́̅̃́̅́̃̃̀̄̀̅̃̀̂̀̀́́̄̀̆̃̅̉̍̀̆̀̀ ̂̀̋̀̀̀́̂̃̅̄̂́̅̇̈̀̀̍̀̀́̀̀̀́̆̀̀̄̆́̂́̂̇́̆̂̀̂́̀́̊̀̈̊̅ ̀̊̀̀̆̈̉̀̂̀̂̀́́́̈̆̀́ϟᐝ

Comment by .T▲r▲.

getting braveziz scary :C

Ima read your other entries Benni. You spun the cogs again in my brainbreads. I forgot you are quite the extrospective analytically philosophic chap.

Comment by .T▲r▲.

Thanks for reading T▲r▲ ^+^

I think sometimes people only need to be brave about things at the beginning, when they are first facing something particularly challenging. Then they tend to adapt to whatever it is once they’ve accepted it as a part of reality they have to deal with. We often get desensitized after the initial experience & stimulation.

Comment by citizentleilax

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